All things audio and much more:

It all starts here. Great source material sets you up for a great mix. We’ve got the gear, you’ve got the skills, let’s make some magic.

Balancing your tracks using digital precision and analog character.

The final steps towards a finished product. All possible formats to get your release ready to be pressed or streamed.

As much extra input as you’re willing to take. A fresh set of ears to get the maximum out of your arrangements. Or maybe you’ve got the idea but that song isn’t going to write itself. I’ll be more than happy to pitch in.

From earth shattering 808’s to that floor filler anthem your vocals deserve. I’ve got you.

You be the eyes, I’ll be the ears.

Price-wise, every project is different, so in case you have got any questions don’t hesitate to contact me at I’ll be more than happy to send you a price quote!