Here’s a small selection of things I’ve recorded/mixed/produced over the past few years:

BRUTUSTryptich EP (rec/mix)

The K.Amputate Corporate Art (prod/rec/mix)

EVERY STRANGER LOOKS LIKE YOUHalfway House (prod/rec/mix)

IF ANYTHING HAPPENS TO THE CATKingdom of Roots (prod/rec/mix)

SKEMERBenevolence (prod/rec/mix)

LETHVM – Acedia (mix)

PA$$ION CRIMES – 3Xan (beat/prod/rec/mix/master)

KOLOSGrooveyard (prod/rec/mix)

DEATHMAZEPole Position (prod/rec/mix)

PUREMEMO (prod/rec/mix)

FÄRSalute (beat/rec/mix)

BARSTThe Western Lands (rec/mix/master)

DIE MY DEMONFear the one… That kills the Soul (prod/rec/mix)

ONMENS – Doopgrond (prod/rec/mix)